There's no feeling in the world like creating something from nothing and to nurture it into this world.

I like to be part of teams that are creating truly astonishing products that people come to use and love every day.  Sometimes this is something I've started off on my own, but mostly it's bringing an experienced team together or joining an existing one where we can work on things together.   There's nothing else I'd rather be doing.

Phil is a person in which vision is a talent, determination and perseverance are daily norms, calculated risk is an acceptance for success and pure passion and desire for innovative, cutting edge products are his quest.
— Jeremy Crooks, Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand at Criteo

My Skills

  • Can attract top-notch individuals to work as part of a team or idea
  • Passive but gentle persuasive nature with an open-minded approach to leadership
  • Can bridge technology, marketing, and product
  • The ability to step up and lead when necessary but to step back when it's best for others to lead
  • Ability to become a domain expert on a specific sector or business in a very short space of time - through "sponge mode" on the fly.
  • Unlimited "ish" enthusiasm and drive
  • Determined and committed
  • Degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (I'm tech savvy and a former coder)

I got to work m extremely closely with Phil throughout one of the most intense periods for any business - the first year. He has a dogged determination and ‘let’s do it’ attitude which has a habit of paying off to make a superior product.
— Simon I'Anson, co-founder,

What I've Achieved

  • Coded and launched one of the first price comparison sites to the world.
  • Built and exited from 3 businesses (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small) in the UK.
  • Launched the first wireless broadband product into the UK market while at telewest (now virgin)
  • Build a strong base of contacts and connections throughout the Europe and the US.
  • Self-Made:  No wealthy family history or secret funds.
  • Led product and development teams through numerous successful launches
  • Have worked on price comparison sites, a high-end daily deal business, a couple of pure e-commerce plays, and a coffee subscription experiment.
  • Learnt from my failures and willing to accept other people's solutions when they are better than mine.

Phil is a hands-on serial entrepreneur with a great sense for product, an open-minded approach to leadership and an impressive ability to attract top-notch individuals to work as part of his team.
— Virginie Charles-Dear, CEO & Founder at toucanBox