All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 2013, I've become an active angel investor alongside my work as an entrepreneur or start-up employee.  I can't be everywhere at once, so investing helps me get involved with great companies I feel will crush it!


What I Look For

As always, it comes down to three key areas: 

  1. Product:  you understand the customer needs and behaviours, quite possibly have built at least a prototype, and have a clear plan about the roadmap and product strategy.
  2. Team:  You've managed to recruit a great team around you already, you know the sector inside and out, and ideally you have some track record at growing businesses, and a burning desire to make a difference.
  3. Market Opportunity: You have some data or research to show that people actually want what you're building, can prove that it will be more than a lifestyle business, and there is existing or upcoming competition in the space (a good sign).

Phil is the exact kind of angel investor that all entrepreneurs want to work with. He brings entrepreneurial experience accumulated over several successful exits, alongside deep technical and commercial ability.
— Ivan Mazour, CEO and Founder, Ometria

Sectors I'm Interested In

I'm pretty fluid about this but specifically I'm focussing on:

  1. Mobile:  we're going through a huge shift in how we consume content and use the internet through mobile phones and tablets.  Desktops have now become only the place we "do work" while mobile is now personalised, communicative, and with us all the time.
  2. e-Commerce: specifically though only if it is offering something special around big data, machine learning, or mobile only.
  3. Crypto Currencies: while the jury is still out, we're going through a revolution in how we think about money and currencies and we're only just at the beginning of things such as Bitcoin.
  4. Gaming: People have always loved to play games in various guises and formats - and mobile is accelerating this trend.  I look for things that actually add value though and not feed the drudge of in-app purchase based models right now.

Phil is the ideal angel investor: smart, funny and easy to work with. He adds value when necessary and doesn’t take up your time when not. Highly recommended by me.
— Kieran O'Niell, Founder & CEO,

Value I Add

  • Deep knowledge of the e-commerce sector and the psychology of buying
  • Product strategy and execution
  • Marketing and growth hacking
  • Commercialisation and business development
  • 15 years experience
  • Introduction to other angel investors in my network
  • Business introductions to any relevant contacts you need
  • Trusted and direct feedback when you require it
  • I'll step out the way when I feel I can't add any value at a given moment

Phil has struck the perfect balance between being hands-on and helpful when needed, but giving us the freedom to run fast as a business.
— Matt Wheeler, Founder & CEO,