I invest in companies that surprise and delight me, and mostly in the team.

GUILD (2018)

Business messaging and group knowledge sharing with soild security and privacy.  From the top team behind E-Consultancy, they know this market like the back of their hand.  The product and market research are looking extremely positive.


Concured (2016)

An amazing product actually using real Artificial Intelligent to mine content and provide deep insights to companies about gaps in their content strategy; what topics their audience is engaging with, what they should create content on next and where to promote it.  Some of the best AI developers in their field are working on it out of Montreal and London and the roadmap looks astonishing.


COntextScout (2016)

More smart cookies that came out of EntrepreneurFirst during one of the cohorts I was mentoring - they impressed me right away.  Experts in information retrieval and machine learning - they're providing deep search technology that retrieves information from multiple sources simultaneously and presents it in a single, contextually relevant place.


Ethereum (2016)

I was recently convinced by a good friend of mine that this is the next wave of blockchain technology backed by a really clever and supportive community.   While it's going through a lot of changes right now - the potential of this is seriously impressive and worth spending time with.


Amara (2016)

A more traditional e-commerce retailer that's 10 years old now but has experienced phenomenal growth over the last few years.  Luxury lifestyle goods are one of the ways you can take on the behemoth that is Amazon.


Entrepreneur First (2015/16)

I'm a small investor in the fund through my mentoring of the 4th and 5th cohorts over the period of a year.  I'm also an investor in the new £40m follow-on fund to invest in the best teams post-demo day.  An amazing team and great concept of investing in amazing individuals pre-idea and pre-team.


Snaptrip (Q4, 2014)

It's not all about renting rooms and mattresses; Snaptrip lets you book last minute self-catering cottages (within an hour if you like) at some amazing prices.   Experienced team who know the sector well and a vast opportunity.


Velocity - previously "Uncover" (Q4, 2014)

{2016 update:  now owned by the US company Velocity}. We don't lack choice these days and in fact we have too much.  Uncover curates some of the best top-quality restaurants in London and lets you book them at the last minute, all through a beautiful iphone app.   Imagine HotelTonight for restaurants.  Impressive team who will nail this.


LAVANDA (Q3, 2014)

Formerly a washing-on-demand business, the team has successfully pivoted to a high-end property management company for AirBnB hosts - tapping into that lucrative market and extracting maximise returns for landlords in this massively growing sector.  An impressive team from the hospitality industry is spearheading this new intiative.  


Driftrock (Q1, 2014)

Next generation Social Advertising power tools for Marketers.  Social advertising is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and it takes time to learn multiple interfaces, analyse the data, and really become an expert in the space to beat the competition.  Driftrock is building a suite of amazing modular tools to achieve exactly that.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 15.59.34.png

Ometria (Q1, 2014)

Powerful Amazon-style eCommerce analytics for everyone else.   An amazing team building some amazingly deep analytical tools to help retailers really understand their customers and merchandising.   As a retailer, you win in this space by not just having the best data and analytics but understanding how you interpret them to take action.



Thread.com (2013)

Real stylists and clever learning software help men find and buy the clothes the love.   Sends a curated email every week with recommendations that you can act on and feedback on.  The Clothing & Apparel sector online is just continuing to increase in size and people need more innovative ways to help them discover and sort through the choices.


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.51.21.png

True & Co (2013)

Has set out to reinvent how women shop for bra's online - through unique style and measuring guides and a free home try-on service.   Tackling a real problem and overcoming an existing hurdle in getting more women buying underwear online.  This is a passive investment through the Funders Club investment network.

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Instacart (2013)

Another attempt a few years later to bring local, same-day delivery to your door of the freshest groceries.   Former Amazon employee who graduated from Y-Combinator, and also advised / invested in by the same VC's who backed Kozmo many years ago.   This is a passive investment through the Funders Club investment network.